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350 Paracord Gold

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290 Ft290
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Dark Tactical Metal 350 Paracord


Not only can Dark Tactical Metal 350 Cords serve as an excellent material for making your bracelets, key rings, leashes and other accessories, but they can also be used widely for decorational purposes, e.g. for making jewellery.


Dark Tactical 350 Cord warranty


Dark Tactical guarantees the quality of its parachute cords under all circumstances, meaning that if the cords, their sheath or their core are found damaged, we will exchange the damaged product to twice its original size! Please bear in mind that the warranty only applies to unused cords! 

  • What can Metal Paracord cords be used for? 


    Our Metal type cords are a perfect choice for decorational or hobby purposes, as their special sheath material provides unique and elegant appearance, so we especially recommend them for making or complementing costumes, clothing, flat and stage decorations or jewellery.


    Other specifications of 350 Paracord cords:

    • Made of nylon
    • Core made from four yarns
    • 3mm diameter
    • 4 g / m
    • Shiny, metal-like surface!

    Price is calculated per meter, maximum lenght in one piece is 200m.

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    4 mm (diameter)
    polyamid, polyester
    0 m
    Article No.
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