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550 Paracord Summer Mix Man

Stock: 0 m
100 Ft100
Product is out of stock.
Please try later.

LIMITED EDITION 550 Paracord - Summer Mix 02

  • Specifications:

    • Made of nylon
    • Core made from seven yarns
    • 4mm diameter
    • 6,3 g / m
    • Limited series paracord, limited stock!

    Price is calculated per meter, maximum lenght in one piece is 200m.

  • Ordered QuantityDisc.Product Price
    1 m more thanless than 10 mNo!100 Ft/m
    10 m more thanless than 30 m10 %90 Ft/m
    30 m more thanless than 50 m15 %85 Ft/m
    50 m more than No!100 Ft/m
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    4 mm (diameter)
    polyamid, polyester
    0 m
    Product Code
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