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M791 Ammunition Case
6 500 Ft
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Shockproof box 130904
4 990 Ft  3 810 Ft
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Shockproof box 160705
4 990 Ft  3 810 Ft
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5 990 Ft  5 080 Ft
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39 800 Ft  29 210 Ft
  pc    Add to Cart To Cart
14 490 Ft  10 020 Ft
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When it comes to transporting fragile or high-value pieces of equipment it is imperative that we carry our things in shock- and waterproof cases, as mechanical and environmental effects can easily destroy our precious equipment, whose substitution can cost a fortune.

This is when Dark Tactical shockproof cases come to the rescue! Choose our cases for maximum protection for your equipment!

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