Mad Max Paracord bracelet Salmon

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About Mad Max Paracord bracelets

  • Made by hand
  • Stylish accessory
  • Each bracelet contains 300 cm of high quality 550 paracord, which meets the requirements of MIL-C-5040H TYPE III standard
  • Color: Salmon

Sizing goes for wrist circumference:

    • S: 15-18 cm
    • M: 17-20 cm
    • L: 20-22 cm

What is the Mad Max paracord bracelet?

Paracord bracelet is a tool, a fashion, a hobby, and a lifestyle, all in one. The bracelet contains 300cm of 550 paracords, which can be untied and used several ways, anytime, anywhere. It does not have a buckle, only a slipknot helps us to fit the size on our wrist. The weaving of the bracelet is the exact same that can be seen in the latest Mad Max: Fury Road movie. Tom Hardy wears this bracelet, it’s also one of his favorites for his everyday outfit.

Interesting facts about the Mad Max paracord bracelet

Paracord as material and also the first bracelets made out of it are strongly tied tot he history of military and armies across the world. Each war had its own ’trench art’, the first paracord bracelets can be linked to the war of Afghanistan beginning in 2001.

The paracord bracelet reached the costume designers if Hollywood as a symbol, outfit fashion accessory. More and more action movies presented them on the actors, giving a lot tot he final touches of the characters. After about 10 years of their first appearances, paracord bracelets became known on the whole planet.

The most widely known movie with a paracord bracelet was the Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015. The weave used in the movie became well known as Mad Max bracelet, instead f its earlier ’name’ the cobra bracelet.

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