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Product Details

ProTech MoS2 Penetrator cleaning spray

Stock: 100ml:  19 pc
400ml:  6 pc
Protech Penetrator
1 290 Ft1290

ProTech MoS2 Penetrator cleaning spray


Weapon cleaner and grooming material.

  • Main attributes of ProTech MoS2 Penetrator cleaning spray:

    • MoS2 Penetrator is a modern and highly effective product with addition of molybdenum bisulphate.
    • With excellent cleaning and penetrating properties, it can easily reach all the difficult weapon spots.
    • Removes all nagary produced during its life. Dissolves deposits brass, tombac and gunpowder.
    • Addition of molybdenum bisulphate prolongs the service life of components of weapons, due to reduced friction.
    • It is characterized by high resistance to oxidation, so that it effectively protects metal surfaces.


    • We have tested the spray on a range of airsoft replicas (including AEGs, GBBs, GNBs), to see if it causes any harm to the components of these less durable equipments. After several months of testing, we can state with absolute certainty, that the MoS2 Penetrator is perfectly suitable for cleaning and maintaining of airsoft guns. We have used the Penetrator on each replica multiple times to see if the plastic or rubber parts suffered any damage. We found no evidence of such, not even after several weeks of storage of the guns.
    • In case of electric airsoft guns, it is perfect for the cleaning and maintenance of the inner barrel, and all parts outside the gearbox. By gas propelled replicas it can completely clean out any dirt, even without detail strip!
      Attention! It is highly recommended that after the use of the spray, the hop-up system and rubber are cleaned, because the MoS2 Penetrator contains grease!
  • Manufacturer
    SJD ProTech
    78 g
    100ml:  19 pc
    400ml:  6 pc
    Article No.
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