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RitR Notebook Medium

Stock: Olive (946):  0 pc
Yellow (146):  9 pc
Tan (946T):  7 pc
  • RitR-947
  • RitR-947
  • RitR-947
2 500 Ft2500

RitR Notebook Medium

Wetness and rain can destroy our precious notes during hiking, trips, missions, but fear no more: the solution is here! Rite in the Rain’s special notebooks and printing paper preserve our notes even under the worst conditions, while – as opposed to most waterproof paper – they can be used with any everyday writing instrument (including pencils, ballpoint and gel pens, etc). 

  • Main attributes of RitR Notebook Medium:

    This medium-sized spiral notebook is capable of storing a big amount of notes, while its design makes it suitable for formal meetings and negotiations as well. You need not worry about notes taken in the field either, as the sheets survive even under heavy raining. Thanks to its small size, the notebook can be within a hand’s reach at all times, as it can easily be stored in jacket’s or pants’ bigger pockets.

    Other specifications of RitR Notebook Medium:

    • Top wire-o spiral
    • Metric grid
    • 50 sheets (100 pages)
    • 4 x 6 inch
  • Manufacturer
    Rite in the Rain
    4" x 6"
    Olive (946):  0 pc
    Yellow (146):  9 pc
    Tan (946T):  7 pc
    Article No.
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