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Krylon Sprayon SP615 Paint Remover

Stock: 1 pc
5 080 Ft5080
Unit price: 11.42 Ft/ml

Krylon Sprayon SP615 Paint Remover


Sprayon® SP615 Heavy Duty Paint Remover Aerosol is a fast-acting remover that cuts through all paint finishes. It also removes urethanes, varnish and shellac. Its catalyst action penetrates through gasket cements, decals, sealants, adhesives, tape residue and carbon deposits. Formulation contains Methylene Chloride.

  • Main attributes of Krylon Sprayon SP615 Paint Remover:


    Metal, stone, wood, brick, glass, ceramic tile, concrete, road signs, trucks, bridges, washroom walls, transportation/construction equipment, and more.

    Be advised! This product contains ingredients with high toxicity, due to this it is not meant for household use! By purchasing the product you admit that you handle and use the product in a professional way and have the neccessary equipment and knowledge for professional use and handling.

  • Manufacturer
    Net contents
    425g (15oz)
    1 pc
    Product Code
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