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Transparent thermoplastic sheet

Stock: 2 pc
Transparent thermoplastic sheet
  • Transparent thermoplastic sheet
900 Ft900

Transparent thermoplastic sheet


This thermoplastic sheet may be pressed to almost any form after being heated to the right temperature. Transparent material gives you new opportunities for holster and accessorie making!

  • Main attributes of the thermoplastic sheet


    This 2mm thick thermoplastic sheet is suitable to make knife, weapon or other accessorie holsters. Transparent material gives you new opportunities, while durability and use is similar to our other thermoplastic materials.



    • Color: transparent

    • Thickness: 2mm

    • Work temperature: Between 160-170 celsius degrees. Please note: On work temperature the material may stick to itself or other surfaces. Use of protecting layer (baking paper, cloth material, etc.) is recommended!

    • Cutting and forming is available with sawing. Pre-cut breaking may cause irregular breaking surface!

    • Product is sold in 25cm X 25cm wide pieces.

    • Product can be orderes in sheets up to 25cm X 100cm size. Please in note section of your order, let us know the desired sheet sizes.

    For professional use only!

  • Color
    25cm X 25cm
    Thermoplastic plastic sheet
    2 pc
    Article No.
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