ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame

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Black:  3 pc
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ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame
ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame
ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame
ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame
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ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame

Spare frame compatible with ESS Crosshair and Crossbow goggles, which – thanks to its 3 stabilization points and the mid-frame lens lock – keeps the lenses safe, while making their change fast and easy. Due to its stability and ergonomic structure, this tool can complete the equipment of anyone working in law enforcement or military field, while it can be used to build unique sunglasses as well.


Main attributes of ESS Crossbow Tri-Tech Spare Frame:

Tri-Tech Spare frames are compatible with any lens of the ESS Cross eyeshields, therefore they can be used to replace broken, lost, or overused frame parts. You can also use these spare frame to create your own individual eyeshield.

Thanks to its special design the Tri-Tech frame provides comfortable wear even if used for longer periods.

Frames are available in Black, Coyote and Tan colors.

Coyote and Tan frame sets contain:

  • One piece of Tri-tech frame
  • One piece of ess spare nosepiece

Black frame sets contain:

  • one piece of Tri-tech frame
Ess Eye Protection
ESS Crossbow, ESS Crosshair, ESS Supressor
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Black: 8465-01-650-1748 , Tan: 8465-01-623-2664
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