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Product Details

Kevlar Cords

Stock: 1mm:  55 m
2mm:  20 m
3mm:  50 m
kevlar zsinór
  • kevlar zsinór
  • kevlar zsinór
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Kevlar Cords


Original Kevlar cords with high tensile strength, whose aramid material facilitates the fastening of any load or weight with high modulus of elasticity, as their tensile strength (considering the same thickness) deeply surpasses that of any steel cords, while they are resistant to temperature changes and wetness.

  • Main attributes of Kevlar Cords:

    • Made of Kevlar
    • Low weight and high breaking strength to make them ideal for outdoor activities or survival.
    • Due to original Kevlar material, cords are suitable to fix any weight in still position. The cords also can be used as a wire saw.
    • Three different diameters.
    • Breaking strength of the cord varies depending on diameter.
    • 1mm cord:
      • Diameter: 1mm
      • Material: Kevlar and polyamide
      • Type: Twine
    • 2mm cord:
      • Diameter: 2mm
      • Material: Kevlar
      • Type: Twine
    • 3mm cord:
      • Diameter: 3mm
      • Material: Kevlar
      • Type: Braided cord
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tacical
    1mm / 2mm / 3mm (diameter)
    Kevlar, Poliamid
    1mm:  55 m
    2mm:  20 m
    3mm:  50 m
    Article No.
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