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AustriAlpin is premium quality PPE safety hardware. Whether it be for military, industrial safety, fall-stop, para-sport, SAR, fire/police/tactical, theatrical rigging, or climbing and mountaineering – you just won’t find a higher quality or safer product anywhere in the world. You can trust this hardware to be the safest and most enduringly consistent in the world.

The manufacturer, AustriAlpin GmbH (located in Austria), was incorporated as a premium quality hardware brand in 1996. Prior to the formation of this company, its ownership families (3 generations of expertise) were the founding and inspirational design force behind the Stubai manufacturing Co-op’s safety, para-sport and mountaineering divisions. Separate and distinct since 1996, AA continues to base its incredible success on its HIGHER IQ – that is, higher Innovation and Quality. Even in today’s age of cheap outsourcing, AustriAlpin continues to design, source, and manufacture all of its product range in Austria. Lowest cost ideals have a bigger price and the company doesn’t agree with a current market philosophy that your life and safety should suffer for a few extra bucks at the cash register!

Located in the famous Stubai region of the Austrian Alps all the inspiration comes from the rugged, severe, and yet beautiful mountainous environment in which AustriAlpin operates and works. All of the products are an expression of these forces.


Dark Tactical started to use the popular AustriAlpin Cobra buckles in 2014 for the DarkTac belt series, which is so far our most popular and dynamically advancing product family. As we know the quality and reliability of the AustrAlpin products from experience, we proudly present this hardware to our customers for replacing damaged parts or making your own equipment.

As with all other products on our webstore, AustriAlpin stocks are always up to date to make sure you can always get what you pay for!