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Main category >Paracord

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Paracord karkötők
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Paracord buckles
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Paracord rolls

On Tactical Store you have multiple choices for buying paracords. The webshop contains more than 100 different colors and sizes, from the 1,7mm thick microcords, through the 3mm thick 350 paracords to the 4mm thick 550 paracords.

Our 550 paracords are great for making paracord bracelets, leashes,  dog collars or even horse equipment or bullwhips! Compared to many other commercial grade paracords, our cords meet the original 550 paracord III standard, even top the breaking strength with its certified 360kg strength.

We recommend the 350 paracords mostly for more classic jewelry, women or children's bracelets, while the microcords (which are sometimes referred as tether cords) are great for decorating your new, or even your old knots. Of course, the microcords also can be used for making bracelets and other accessories.

Not only can you find different types and sizes from the same color of cords on our webstore: We also have special paracords and microcords, like reflective or phosphorescent (glow in the dark) cords.

Tactical Store also offers buckles, tools, and other accessories, basically anything you might need for making a paracord bracelet or any kind of paracord weave. Choose from our plain black or colored plastic buckles, metal and steel buckles, shackles, paracord compasses, buckles with whistle or fire starter buckles and many other accessories!


Purchase on our webshop or hop in to our store in the heart of the city if you're visiting Budapest, choose your paracords and buy them for meter or even in full rolls or spools, for which we offer great discounts!

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