H Vent chest seal - twin pack

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H Vent chest seal - twin pack
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H*Vent Chest Seal

The H*Vent is an occlusive hydrogel chest seal that is compact and low-profile. Its H*VENT system is designed to relieve pressure in an open chest wound caused by air in the pleural cavity (pneumothorax) or bodily fluid (hemothorax). The unique H*VENT design allows fluids to drain in multiple directions toward gravity. This allows for patient transport in various positions (on their side, etc.).


Key features of the H*VEN

  • A unique multidirectional vented dressing. This allows the fluids to “Drain towards gravity”. Important because that means casualty can be transported on their side, etc.
  • The design helps prevent occlusion. This provides a backup fail-safe system since there are 6 ports. Even if 5 becomes obstructed, the vent will remain fully operational.
  • The unique dome membrane design creates a complete seal around the wound area, ensuring a complete seal around the wound and reducing the risk of air or fluid finding alternate paths.
  • Large vent openings on the H*VENT allow for visual monitoring of the wound. The dome design gives a quick indication of air or fluid leaving the chest (billows up) or when the seal is in place (sucks down).
  • Proven in internal testing to retain a seal during inhalation and to maintain a sustainable negative pressure (below ambient pressure) within the pleural space.
  • Lowest profile of any vented chest seal and easy to fold making it ideal for IFAK and medical kits.
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