Paracord 350

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Paracords (also known as parachute cords or 350 cords) contain a core made from four individual yarn and a braided sheet made from 32 yarns. These lightweight nylon cords were originally used as suspension lines of parachutes in the II. world war, where soldiers realized the many benefits of these cords. Nowadays paracords are used on a very wide range by soldiers and civilians.

The braided sheet, made from 32 yarns covers the core entirely, which is made from seven individual yarns, each twirled from two twines. Thanks to its construction, paracords not only hold suspended weight with the core or the sheet but with its entire cross-section which provides an outstanding breaking strength compared to the diameter of the cord. Due to its material, the paracord can withstand even sudden high strength pulls, does not absorb water, dries quickly, is easy to clean, and can withstand many environmental or mechanical effects.

Paracords can be divided into two main groups:
The ‘mil-spec’ paracord meets the criteria of the military paracord standards and so can be called f.e. as 350 paracords because its breaking strength and elongation were officially tested. By these cords there are no patched yarns, each part of the cord is made from one yarn, the sheet material is homogenous, UV resistant and the core does not contain any knots.

However, the so-called commercial grade paracord is still suitable to be used as a utility rope, but it has no certification, the core yarns often jump into "knots" which shows poor quality production, also the sheet may have signs of patching in multiple yarns in the same cords. Due to these weaknesses, commercial-grade paracords usually have low quality and have very little in common with the original 350 paracords.

Like our 550 paracords, these 350 paracords are UV resistant and very durable, but the smaller 3mm diameter makes them great for making bracelets or other jewelry for women and children. 350 cords can be used for everything that you would use your 550 paracords for, but with the smaller size, you can make some real masterpieces, true jewelry!