ProTech MoS2 Penetrator cleaning spray 400ml

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Protech MoS2 Penetrator

Protech MoS2 penetrator is an all-purpose weapon maintenance product which can remove the thickest residues of gunpowder, lead, and copper, fills the microcracks of metal and gives basic lubrication, furthermore, it helps to prevent rusting.


Main attributes of the Protech MoS2 penetrator:

MoS2 (Molybdenum disulfide) gives this product excellent lubricating ability, while its outstanding cleaning ability help to remove lead and copper residue.

Thanks to its great viscosity value, it reaches even the smallest gaps without a problem and removes all contamination. Molybdenum disulfide fills microcracks, sticks to the surface, minimizes friction and withstands oxidating agents to increase the lifetime of metal parts.

Other attributes:

After testing the product thoroughly, we can state without hesitation that the Protech penetrator is suitable for cleaning and lubricating air guns and airsoft guns (AEG, GBB, GNB, GBBR) without causing any harm on the used materials.

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