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Microcord (also called tether cord) is a dense type of cord, woven from many small yarns. This cord does not contain any core material, due to this its breaking strength is far from any paracord. Tether cord was always used as a utility rope, produced for more generic use compared to paracords so it has no certification. Simply the jobs for which microcords are used does not need any special requirement. The names microcord or tether cord comes from its really small diameter. Benefits of every microcords are the price, the small size and the minimum weight that these kinds of cords have. You can keep the same amount of cord in your pocket or backpack in a significantly smaller room, for less than half of the price of the paracord.

However, microcords are still great for making bracelets, jewelry, keychains or other small braids on their own, and can be used to bring your paracord weaves to a new level. Use them while making your new bracelet or use a microcord needle and add them later to you old pieces: with some patience, the result will be beautiful.

We also recommend these cords for wrapping your knife or tool handles to enhance grip and stability, or use them for anything where paracords are just too thick.