Amann Saba sewing thread 80 safety lime

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Amann Saba sewing thread 80 safety lime
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Amann Saba sewing thread 80 safety lime

Saba is a polyester/polyester core-spun. With core spun threads, the single yarns consist of a continuous filament core surrounded by fine fibers. In sewing thread production, this finished hank is called core yarn. Like spun threads, core-spun threads have a smooth and textile surface. Thanks to the combination of continuous filament core and spun cover, core-spun threads are extremely high-performing. Core spun threads display an outstanding sewability and this provides for trouble-free processing, even in difficult applications such as multidirectional sewing operations and buttonholes in thin fabrics. Therefore, core-spun threads are well suited for a huge specter of applications.


Main features of Amann Saba 80 sewing thread

  • AMANN's all-rounder
  • high-performing, outstanding sewing behavior
  • ideal abrasion resistance and strength properties
  • great in tickets and colors
  • textile appearance
  • for closing and topstitch seams
  • for matt embroidery


  • Tex: 40
  • Needle size (in Nm): 90-100
  • Make-up: 1000m
  • Recommended for household and light sewing machines
Safety lime
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100% PES
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