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Each of us carries the desire to create, to self-express ourselves. Not only by moving to another flat or buying new clothes can change us. There are things born inside you, straight from your feelings. This may bring true change in your life and achieve your true self. Just by looking in the mirror, seeing what you created gives you the feeling of satisfaction. Take your time, let your mind float free, and bring your ideas to reality. Wear what you like and you'll see, you are capable of creating something new every day, from your own strength.

If something moved in you, you're just in the right place. We're not giving you templates, just the tools for creation. You need nothing more than yourself, create something new with a piece of yourself, something, that's really unique and you're a part of it - this is the CordCraft.

Since 2017 CordCraft is working on bringing a wide selection of high-quality jewelry parts to demanding makers and artists. This brand means quality - we only work with selected partners providing strict quality control to make sure only the perfect pieces can reach our customers.