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Dark Tactical manufactures tactical and duty belts since 2014 with outstanding quality and reliability. The first product in our belt series, the Cobra belt has proven its great value: even the first pieces made back in 2014 are still in use, which explains quickly why this model so popular is until today.

In the past years, we made multiple modifications compared to the original design, since the manufactural production has now grown to serial production - however, every single belt is made by our own hands even now to ensure the strict expectations for quality, just as we made the very first piece of our belts. With modern sewing automats, the stitches are always the same in quality and strength, and this consistency is made available to widen our product range for varied fields of use.

For example, our Baby Cobra belt is used by many covert operators or bodyguards due to its small size and moderate appearance while providing the same quality benefits as the original Cobra belt. We also kept in mind that some users may need more than just a tactical belt; molle compatibility, fall protection, and other attributes might be also needed for special operators. For them, we made the First liner, which accepts any standard molle equipment or plain belt holster, and is made with the best available AustriAlpin Cobra buckle with a built-in descending D-ring.

Our belts can be used individually of course, but many of them are compatible with our velcro-covered inner belt.