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At this time, Dark Tactical™ Ltd. is the only company in Hungary making Professional Grade tactical gear, clothing repairs/modifications, and custom work. We carry all the necessary military specification materials and hardware to make exceptional quality handmade custom tactical gear for you.

Dark Tactical™ products are built to the highest standards with the best mil-spec components available. In the event that a product should fail due to poor craftsmanship or other defects, we will repair or replace it as necessary free of charge. We also offer a one-year warranty on any gear or clothing repaired or customized in our precision workshop.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Dark Tactical™, ideas, or a business request. You can contact us via email, phone, or personally! Your opinion is always welcome!

We also offer a growing line of stock products that have been proven to be both useful and popular. Check out our webshop for more products and accessories.

Dark Tactical™ is continuously looking for new possibilities to distribute military-grade, state-of-the-art tactical gear and equipment products. Our team represents vendors in Central-Eastern-Europe, from our logistics center in Budapest. It would be our pleasure to discuss potential cooperation about entering the CEE markets with your unique range of products.

TacticalStore.hu was established in 2011 just a short after Dark Tactical™ was founded. The main aim of the site is to provide a sales platform for Dark Tactical™ stock products while also presenting other products and basic materials belonging to the distribution of the company. The main principle of the webshop’s functionality is to carefully select and test each of our products before acquiring them, thus ensuring the best price-value product range for our customers. Our online sales platform only shows real-time stockpiles and we also strive to present as much information about our products as possible.

When compiling our product range, we make sure to select products that are compatible with each other and we also try our best to source products that are not yet distributed in Hungary but for which there is an actual need.

With the sale of basic materials, we wanted to give the opportunity to people and businesses doing equipment and clothing repair to apply professional, military-grade materials and accessories which before could not have been found in the local market. To meet the increasing needs of the industry we are constantly expanding this category in order to serve those experts who deal with customized, individual manufacture.

At TacticalStore.hu we pay special attention to following current law regulations, and we meet every single one of them. Our webshop is regularly analyzed, checked, and evaluated by outside experts and independent organizations.