Safe Cash Credit Card Cover

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Safe Cash Bank- and Magnet card Holder

Paypass and other contact based paying methods become very popular in the past years, but the techniques to steal from these cards improved also!

Keep your money on your credit and magnet cards safe with this simple and clever product!


Main attributes of the Safe Cash Bank- and Magnet card Holder:

The special, laminated material of the holder prevents the electromagnetic fields of bank terminals and other devices (usually self-made illegal devices, which can draw your money from your card anywhere and anytime) to reach the card, thus no payment can be made with credit and debit cards held in the Safe Cash Holder.

Other specifications of the Safe Cash Card Holder:

  • Accepts standard sized bank-, credit and debit cards, or any similar sized magnet card
  • Thin material and construction makes sure you can still use your card wallets, or the card holster parts of a normal wallet.
  • The Safe Cash card holder come without print
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