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In 1947, a Philadelphia businessman, Howard E. Kester, revolutionized the paint industry and founded Krylon Inc., the first and still largest supplier of aerosol paints in the world.

Krylon® Products were first introduced in 1947 by Foster & Kester, a manufacturer of brush-on clear protective acrylic coatings used in the commercial art business. Inspired by the DuPont Corporation’s development of a formula combining gas and liquid into a single spray can, Kester creatively devised a way to blend his coatings into a product that had many advantages over the brush-on method – aerosol.

Shortly after Kester brought his idea to market, DuPont introduced Nylon. Kester was so impressed with this development that he dropped the first “n” from nylon, added the first and last letters of his own last name, and the Krylon moniker was born!

At first, sales of Krylon aerosol clear coatings were limited to the art and advertising trades until the color was added to the coatings in the early 1950s and sales grew quickly with endless boundaries.

Today, Krylon is known as an industry leader in product innovation, package design, project inspiration, and color. The range of products expands beyond the home and into your backyard with multi-purpose, plastic, specialty, rust preventative, brush-on, and craft products. To date, Krylon continues to be an industry leader providing high-quality products, innovation, and inspiration through color, packaging design, and project ideas.


In Tacticalstore you can find Krylons dedicated weapon and all-purpose heavy-duty paints: Camouflage Paints Fusion for Plastic® Technology.

This ultra-flat paint is non-reflective to provide the ultimate camouflage, bonds to most plastics, PVC, hard vinyl, ceramic glass, wood, metal, and wicker. Requires no sanding or priming which makes it ideal for painting sporting and hunting equipment, decoys, and more.