Krylon Ultra Flat Camo Olive Spray Paint

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Krylon Ultra Flat Camo Olive Spray Paint

Krylon Ultra Flat Camo paints are available in six colors (olive, khaki, sand, brown, black, light woodland green). These spray paints are developed especially for painting weapons and other heavily stressed equipment and surfaces. They are easy and quick to use, after drying the surface will be ultra flat, high abrasion, and heat resistant to give you the most reliable solution for quick on-the-field paints. The ultra flat surface even absorbs most of the IR light range.


Main attributes of the Krylon ultra flat spray paints

These paints are designed especially for heavy-duty use, for weapons and parts which means they are more resistant against abrasion and other physical effects than other similar products available on the commercial market. Once dried, the Krylon camouflage paints can easily withstand the heat generated on rifle barrels, the largely-sized pigments of paints ensure ultra matt finish for maximizing light absorption even in the IR range.

Recommended use

Krylon Camouflage paints can be used without any preparement, they can be used on any surface virtually in any condition, the surface will be dry in 15 minutes.

However if possible, to ensure durability and longer lifetime of the painting, the following steps are recommended

  • Sand the surface with fine grade sandpaper or sand sponge and after that clean the surface with alcohol based cleaning supply
  • Throughougly shake the can and apply paint in a windless area, over 10-Celsius degrees
  • Keep the distance between the nose and the surface 30 and 50 cm, apply paint evenly
  • If working in multiple layers, always apply the next layer in 24 hours
  • Full hardening of the paint takes seven days, keep the surface untouched for this time period to achieve the best abrasion resistance.

Krylon camouflage paints can be used on the following surfaces

  • metal
  • wood
  • cheramics
  • glass
  • textile
  • plastic
  • rubber
  • paper

Due to its properties, Krylon camouflage paints are ideal for law enforcement and military use, painting real firearms and vehicles.

Be advised! The product contains highly harmful agents, therefore it is not suitable for household use! By purchasing this product, you admit that you're familiar with the necessary technologies and have the necessary tool park for using this product according to the regulations listed in the MSDS of the product.

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