ESS U-Rx Insert

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ESS Rx Insert
ESS Rx Insert
ESS Rx Insert
ESS Rx Insert
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ESS U-Rx diopter inserts

Precision made diopter inserts for ESS ballistic goggles, in which you can have your custom made diopter lenses. If you're unable to use contact lenses, or just tired of using low-quality safety goggles because of your diopter glasses, these inserts combined with ESS goggles are the best solution for you!


Main attributes of ESS Rx Insert:

With the precision inserts, you can add dioptric lenses to your ESS eyeshield or goggle. The offer does not contain dioptric lenses! Please choose the insert compatible with your eyeshield/goggle!

  • U-Rx insert - Compatible with the following ESS and Oakley eyeshields and goggles:
    • ESS Crossbow Eyeshield
    • ESS Crosshair Eyeshield
    • ESS Suppressor Eyeshield
    • ESS ICE Eyeshield
    • ESS ICE NARO Eyeshield
    • ESS Profile NVG Goggle
    • ESS FlightPro Goggle
    • ESS Profile TurboFan Goggle
    • ESS FirePro-1971 Goggles
    • ESS FirePro-1977 Goggles
    • Oakley SI Ballistic Goggle
    • Oakley Ballistic M-Frame 2.0 Eyeshield
    • Oakley Ballistic M-Frame 3.0 Eyeshield
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