Kydex Sheet 30x30cm - dark earth 2mm

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Kydex sheet dark earth 2mm

Kydex is a thermoplastic material, which means it can be formed after heating it to a certain degree. This material is often used to make weapon and magazine holsters, knife sheaths or other carry pouches.

If handled properly, the sheets can be reshaped theoretically infinite times, which means you can always fix and modify your holster.


Main attributes of Kydex Sheets

  • Thermoplastic sheet of kydex
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • One side is textured, which prevents the equipment from slipping around, the other side is smooth, which prevents the carried equipment surface.
  • Can be pressured after heating, like this it can take the exact form of almost any equipment.
  • Holsters made from kydex hold the equipment, but thanks to the flexibility of the plastic, it never sets the draw of your equipment back!
  • One sheet is a  30cm x 30cm (0,09m2)
  • With buying more sheets, you can order longer sheets (30cm x 30cm; 30cm x 60cm; 30cm x 90cm; 30cm x 120cm)
  • Maximum 4 (four) units can be ordered as one sheet (30cm x 120cm; 0,36m2). If your order contains more than four units, we will send the remaining units as a new sheet (FYI: six units will be sent in one 30cm x 120cm, and one 30cm x 60cm sheet)

For professional use only!

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