Aluminium masking tape

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Aluminum masking tape

Single-sided, aluminum-based masking tape with extended adhesion strength and removability even after 14 days without adhesive marks!

This heat resistant reinforced masking tape won't stream during work process!


Main attributes of the heat resistant masking tape

Bearer of the masking tape is a special mix of paper and polyester, which prevents the tape to stream for lengthwise forces but keeps the tape crosswise tearable to ensure fast and easy handling.

We recommend this type of masking tape for any use where heat- and UV resistance is needed, may it be building construction, DIY use or making professional kydex holsters! The high-performance adhesive gives you the opportunity to remove the masking tape without any trace up to two weeks, no matter how much heat or UV affects it. This makes it a perfect tool for painting or other works with firearms or delicate instruments.

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