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LWAC®-M2A1 Logistical and Tactical Lightweight Plastic Ammunition cases for Ammunition (small, medium and large-arms), Pyrotechnics, Explosives, Countermeasures, Flares, Weapons, etc…

PPD's new innovative Light Weight Ammunition Cases (LWAC®) are based on PPD's newly patented design ideas and PPD's specially developed raw-material resins. PPD Light Weight Ammunition Cases (LWAC®) is designed as a full drop-in replacement for existing systems, and accordingly to all military requirements and standards. The development and design have been performed in close cooperation with end-users and the ammunition industry.

The advantages are numerous however, the most important is the direct cost savings over the full life cycle due to:

  • Reduced weight, more than 68% lower than existing steel boxes. E.g. Packaging weight for 1.000.000 rounds 12.7(0.50 cal.) will be reduced by 16,5 tons!
  • An improved stacking capability which allows cross stacking both 90⁰ and vertical stacking
  • Improved thermal capability, with reduced heat transfer
  • Prepared for built-in RFID tags for tracking and controlling
  • Low noise during handling and contact with steel surfaces
  • No risk of sparks
  • Fully compatible with existing steel boxes
  • Fully recyclable / reusable
  • Multiple color choice, e.g. color code according to ammunition type.