550 Paracord Phosphorescent Green

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Dark Tactical Phosphorecent 550 Paracord


All 550 Paracord type cords comply with the original MIL C 5040H TYPE III standard; what is more, their tensile strength well surpasses the prescribed 250 kg loading limit.


Not only can Dark Tactical 550 Cords serve as an excellent material for making your bracelets, key rings, leashes and other accessories, but they can also be used widely as utility cord during trekking, trips or any other outdoor activities. Our phosphorescent cords can help us in making our camps more easily noticeable, or in identifying our equipment, as after the sunshine loaded them up they can glow for hours in the dark thus facilitating orientation. Additionally, they can serve as perfect accessories of fashionable or extravagant parties, jewellery or clothing. 


Dark Tactical 550 Cord warranty


Dark Tactical guarantees the quality of its parachute cords under all circumstances, meaning that if the cords, their sheath or their core are found damaged, we will exchange the damaged product to twice its original size! Please bear in mind that the warranty only applies to unused cords! 


What can Phosphorescent Paracord cords be used for? 


550 Cord type cords are perfect for replacing any kind of utility ropes, or fastening other pieces of equipment or smaller loads, while keeping some with us can help us overcome tasks such as the repair of torn shoelaces or broken buckles during our everyday life. Marking the campsite during a trip or camping can greatly help orientation, and equipping bags and other pieces of our gear with our phosphorescent cords will make it easier to find them without other light sources.


Other specifications of 550 Paracord cords:

  • Made of nylon
  • Core made from seven yarns
  • 4mm diameter
  • 6,3 g / m


This kind of paracord is made of GITD (glow in the dark) material which needs to absorb light. Please keep sunshine or any other light shine on it for several minutes in order to make it glow better and greater.


Price is calculated per meter, maximum length in one piece is 200m.

Paracord 550
4 mm
Dark Tactical
Breaking strength

Szakítószilárdság névleges értéke Newton (N) mértékegységből kg-ba átváltva, kerekítve.

~ 350 kg
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