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Product Details

Microcord Kevlar Core

Stock: 100 pc
Microcord micro paracord zsinór kevlar
100 Ft100

Microcord Kevlar Core


This specially constructed microcord cord combines all the advantages of high tensile strength, small size and low weight, all this for a good price!

  • Main attributes of Microcord Kevlar Core:


    This cord is similar to other microcord cords, but it contains an incredibly strong 100% Kevlar core, which allows its tensile strength to surpass that of other cords with similar diameter.


    Thanks to its small size and low weight, this cord can serve as an ideal everyday utility rope, while its durability and high tensile strength makes it an excellent choice for prolonged use too.


    Other specifications of Microcord Keval Core:

    • Diameter: 1,8 mm
    • The sheath contains 16 yarns
    • Only available in black!
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    1,8mm (diameter)
    Nylon, kevlar
    100 pc
    Article No.
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