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Pro Tech Guns - the company founded to create innovative products. It is a vibrant and modern company, focused on the success of its customers.

Specializes in the preparations for the maintenance of weapons, technical chemistry, and car cosmetics. cooperates with technical and chemical research laboratories to create cutting-edge formula products. Its preparations are made on the basis of the highest quality materials, offered by the global chemical companies.

The manufacturer is examining the effectiveness of its products in direct tests, carried out by practitioners in the field of operating machinery and automotive industries. The company also draws on ideas from the experience of their own and their clients to create effective solutions with the highest quality on the market.


Dark Tactical is working with Pro Tech Guns since the beginning of 2014 when we asked the Hungarian National Police Headquarters to put the Pro Tech products through intensive testing.

In their Expertise after the test they stated:

„The MoS2 Penetrator gun cleaning and lubricating spray were used on more types of handguns and rifles after heavy requisition. The intense cleaning effect of the product was noticeable during the use, while it stepped in reaction with the carbon and other gunpower remnants. Thanks to its spray form, it was easy and economic to get the MoS2 Penetrator right to the location of the contamination. A short time after the use of the product, the contaminations were easy to remove with soft cotton or flannel kerchief.

After the cleaning the moving parts were managed with CLP system lubricating oil, to ease friction. According to the experiences the lubricant has an excellent lubricating ability, it covered every area of the moving parts. At the next use of the guns, no malfunction was noticeable, the oil does not absorb the contamination created by the use of the weapons, also the contamination can not clog together at the critical points of the gun.

The outside areas of the weapons were maintained with the PTE Teflon-based maintaining spray. Thanks to the mentioned product, the environmental harms - such as rain, vapor, temperature - and the sweat and vapor of the body by concealed carry did not have any effect on the weapons, there were no rust settlings.”