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Protech Guns Oil

Protech CLP system gun oil provides three purpouse role: it cleans, lubricates and preserves at the same time. With the use of this gun oil, cleaning and maintenance of your handguns, carabines and rifles has never been easier, by keeping moving parts of your weapon lubricated it helps expanding the lifetime of your firearm. Suitable for the maintenance of any kind of part (metal, plastic, wood).


Main attributes of the Protech gun oil:

Protech gun oil is a CLP agent, which means it works simultaneously as a cleaning, lubricating and preserving agent. This makes it ideal for maintaining any kind of firearm even on long terms. It is suitable for the maintenance of metal, plastic and wooden parts, protects the weapon from acids and bases, prevents rusting and the deposit of residue to improve the overall performance of the firearm.


  • Odorless
  • Meets the criteria of the following standards: TL 9150-0078/4; NATO Code: S-761 BT PS 661 és a NATO Code: S-758
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