Guedel Airway Tube - #4

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Guedel Airway Tube - #4
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Guedel Airway tube, Red (100mm)

The Guedel Airway is a Oropharyngeal Tube used to prop open the upper airways. Due to his form, the correctly used Guedel Airway prevents that the tongue of a patient can drop back and therefore block the airway. It does not offer protection from Aspiration. The use of a suction catheter is however possible. Furthermore, the Guedel Airway can be used for tracheal tube fixation. For this use, the Guedel Airway also functions as bite block to prevent an occlusion of the tracheal tube caused by the patient’s teeth.


Main Attributes of the Guedel Airway tube

  • A single-use oropharyngeal airway, manufactured from LLDPE (linear low-density polythylene)
  • Design incorporates a colour coded bite block for ease of selection of colour coded catheters
  • Designed to maintain a patent oropharyngeal airway for patients under general anaesthetic during administration of the anaesthetic, or during recovery
  • The smooth finish of the airway reduces the risk of damage to oropharyngeal tissues
  • Bite block reinforcement prevents occlusion of airway in the event of involuntary biting
  • Individually packed, sterile product, for single use
  • Size: #4 (100mm)
  • Color code: Red
100 mm
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