Werolin wound spray 75ml

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Werolin wound spray 75ml
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Werolin Wound Spray 75ml

Proper wound cleansing spray is an effective first aid for scouring and cutting wounds, as well as first and second-degree burns. Properly applied, it creates the basis for a fast and uncomplicated wound healing process and should not be missing in the first aid kit of your facility or facility.


Main attributes of the Werolin Wound Spray 75ml

Skin damage such as abrasions, cuts and burns, dirt and germs get into the wound, which in turn can cause infections. To prevent this, the wound should be cleaned already at first care. A wound cleaning spray helps in combination with a suitable plaster, a compressor a dressing for optimal wound healing. If the tissue heals quickly and easily, usually only a small or inconspicuous scar remains. Werolin® Wound Cleaning Spray has a threefold effect: it first accelerates the healing of the wound by permanently moisturizing the wound with multiple applications. The acidic pH of the spray has a positive effect on the healing environment of the wound since germs can not multiply with it. The risk of burdening the healing process by microorganisms is thus significantly reduced. Furthermore, the so-called "cell nutrition" is improved by the ingredients iron and zinc contained in the Werolin® wound cleaning spray. The ingredients iron and zinc stimulate the cell metabolism so that pollutants get out of the wound faster. Swelling and bleeding are reduced. Werolin® wound healing spray is alcohol-free, so it is possible to clean wounds without pain. Another advantage: Our wound cleansing spray is not a medicine and can, therefore, be safely used by every first responder.

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