Paracord 550 Camo

All 550 Paracord type cords comply with the original MIL C 5040H TYPE III standard; what is more, their tensile strength well surpasses the prescribed 250 kg (550 lbs) loading limit, while other commercially available, uncertified, typically Chinese import cords are estimated to tear after a mere load of 110 kg. The quality of our cords is certified by test report. Pursuant to military standards the nominal diameter of our paracords is 4mm and seven nylon yarns run inside of them which each consist of two yarns. 


Dark Tactical 550 Cord warranty


Dark Tactical guarantees the quality of its parachute cords under all circumstances, meaning that if the cords, their sheath or their core are found damaged, we will exchange the damaged product to twice its original size! Please bear in mind that the warranty only applies to unused cords! 


You can take a look at the test report of our cords by clicking here, or also at the bottom of the page.

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