Microcord Wrapping Cord White

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Dark Tactical Microcord Wrapping Cord


Not only can Dark Tactical Microcord cords be used to decorate bracelets or other household objects made from Paracord cords, but they are also ideal for making unique bracelets, or for bandaging the shaft of knives or tools, while aesthetic pieces of jewellery and special knots (e.g. so called Turk’s Head) can also be made from them.


If you got bored of simple Paracord weavings, decorate further your weavings with Microcord cords, or make earrings and rings from them! Dark Tactical Microcord cords are not just aesthetic, they are practical too. They are perfect replacement for thinner cords or strings, while their durability is also outstanding.


Please take note that the base units of our cords are 50, 100 and 200m. If the ordered quantity differs from the base units, withdrawal of the ordered products is not available (See our Policy, Paragraph 10.)


The offer goes for one meter, which is the smallest available quantity to order.


1,2mm (átmérő)
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